Art en Valise is dedicated to introducing Canadian audiences to new ideas in the contemporary visual arts. We believe in taking risks and being experimental. Our approach is non-traditional, we are not dealers or curators but art lovers who believe in the value of great art and want to showcase and share it with other art lovers. Having no fixed exhibition space allows us to collaborate freely and be dynamic and flexible in our programming.

Liza Mauer

 – liza@artenvalise.com
Liza Mauer is an engaged member of Toronto’s art community. She is a past vice–chair of the Powerplant Art Gallery where she also ran its Governance and Nominations committee. As a founding member of Partners in Art, Liza sits on its Strategy and Development group. Additionally, Liza is a member of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Contemporary Curatorial Committee and the Tate Americas Foundation’s Acquisition committee. Liza lives in Toronto with her husband Andrew and their four children.

Paul Marks

Dr Paul Marks is a Collector of Contemporary Art. His interests include Marcel Duchamp, Conceptualism, various themes involving Time, the Void, Appropriation, Replication, Multiplicity, White and Black amongst others. Dr Marks has served on the Contemporary Curatorial Committee and aquisitions at the Art Gallery of Ontario, also on the Board of Directors for the Art Gallery of York University and the Powerplant, MOCCA Collections Committee and the leadership group of 51 for the Koffler Centre for the Arts. Dr Marks is Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto. His CHIR and NIH funded research is investigating mathematical models to predict arthritis after knee injury. Along with his wife Shawna and their five children, he enjoys skiing and playing guitar.

Elisa Nuyten

Elisa Nuyten is a member of the North American Acquisition Committee for Tate Modern, as well as a past board member of the Powerplant Contemporary Art Gallery. She is one of the founding members of Partners in Art. For the Powerplant she co-chaired the 10th anniversary Power Ball and served as head of the membership committee. Currently Elisa is chairing the art advisory committee for the Ribbon, a large public art project. Born and raised in Belgium, she now resides in Toronto with her family.